When to Buy Codeine

When you’re in pain, your doctor may provide you with a number of solutions. For example, you may be referred to a pain management specialist or you may be even asked to alter your diet. However, if your pain is extremely severe, then your doctor may take the most significant step and prescribe you Codeine. Codeine is a prescription pain medication that is extremely effective in eliminating your body’s ability to feel pain. Typically, it is prescribed as codeine phosphate, but it also available as dihydrocodeine which is a semi-synthetic form of the drug as well as in combination with other painkillers like paracetamol and ibuprofen. Codeine works by targeting the receptor cells in your brain and spinal cord and suppressing their ability to cultivate feelings of pain. As a result, you remain pain free for a long period of time.

Severe Pain

The first reason to buy Codeine is if you are experiencing moderate to severe levels of pain that arises out of illness, injuries, and surgery. In these types of cases, regular over-the-counter painkillers are going to be essentially ineffective because the level of pain is too great to combat. Codeine is very effective for severe pain because it targets the source of the pain, which are your receptor cells. The Codeine will work immediately and will last a number of hours so that you can get the relief that you need.

Doctor Recommendation


In addition to needing Codeine for pain, you also should consider buying the painkiller if you have a doctor’s recommendation. Your medical professional is the most qualified individual to determine whether Codeine is best for you and your levels of pain. In addition, with a doctor’s recommendation, you can feel more confident that the medication is compatible with your health. Finally, Codeine is a very addicting substance, which is why a doctor’s recommendation is important. You want to have supervision when you take Codeine or any other painkiller because it can lead to serious consequences otherwise. For this reason, doctors and pharmacists are very strict with this medication.  For example, when you buy dihydrocodeine online from a licensed pharmacy in the UK that has a free prescription service, they will will do an identity check and limit your purchases of dihydrocodeine so you cannot get a repeat prescription within a certain time period of time.  They call this re-order limits.

Over-the-Counter Drugs

Finally, you should also consider using Codeine if you have tried over-the-counter drugs but have not experienced the relief that you need to feel comfortable. Over-the-counter drugs don’t work in some cases because the body’s pain is too great for the drugs to combat. Therefore, in this case, painkillers can be very effective. Overall, if you are in severe pain, have a doctor recommendation, and over-the-counter-drugs don’t work for you, then purchasing Codeine is a good option. You’ll feel the quick and targeted relief that you are looking for so that you can have an improved quality of life.

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