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Is Aspirin Enough for Headache Pain?

Whether you are at work, spending time with your family, or are out spending some quality time with your significant other, suddenly experiencing a headache is a terrible experience. Depending on your type of headache, the pain can be so great that the only solution you have is confining yourself to a dark and quiet space until your headache passes. With such debilitating pain, aspirin is certainly not enough. Before you start taking pain medication for your headaches, it is best to know what type of headache pain aspirin is most effective on. Understanding this can best ensure that you’re taking the right steps to cure your pain.

Mild Headaches

There are three types of headaches – mild, moderate, and severe. When you experience mild headaches, which usually come in the form of a dull throbbing or a light pain, aspirin may be enough to cure your headache. Aspirin works by preventing your body from generating the compounds that are responsible for pain. While aspirin does not work does not work for moderate or severe pain, it does a very effective job at relieving you from mild headaches. In most cases though, this relief is not instant.

Moderate and Severe Headache

The other two types of headaches are moderate and severe headaches. These headaches can be characterized as migraines, chronic headaches, extreme headaches, or any other head pain that is the result of an injury or surgery. When you experience these types of headaches, you can feel extremely debilitated. Moderate and severe headaches prevent you from partaking in daily activities, enjoying the company of your family, and even working. Aspirin is ineffective on moderate and severe headaches because the medication is unable to prevent the influx of pain compounds in your body.

Instead of taking aspirin, the other solution is to use prescription painkillers. Prescription painkillers are extremely effective because they can prevent you from experiencing moderate and severe types of pain. The painkillers work by targeting what are known as receptor cells in the body. The receptor cells are the areas of your body that generate feelings of pain. When you take painkillers though, the drug travels to your receptor cells located in your brain and spinal cord and they subdue the receptor cell. As a result, the pain that you are experiencing is severely diminished, leaving you comfortable, relieved, and pain-free. Just take care to only take the required dosage.