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How to Obtain Medications for Pain Problems

If you’ve gone through a medical procedure, are suffering from an illness, or have sustained a serious injury, then chances are, you are suffering from some severe and long-lasting pain. While there are certainly medications for pain that you can obtain over the counter, these pain medications are often too weak to truly be as effective as you need them to be. An alternative option is to try and obtain prescription main medications like codeine and oxycodone to help you manage your pain. If you’re seeking how to obtain this type of medication, below is an overview of the main procedure that you need to go through.

Speak to Your Doctor

First and foremost, you must speak to your doctor about your pain. Your pain could be the result of some underlying issue or it may be severe enough that you need to get pain pills to remedy the problem. Therefore, speaking to your doctor candidly can help you get the relief that you need. Your doctor will assess your condition, review the cause of your paid, and determine whether the pain medication is the best solution.

Medical Testing


In the case that you have an underlying problem causing the pain, your doctor may still prescribe you painkillers to help you find relief. If the underlying problem is a medical condition that does not subsist after treatment, this type of situation is another instance where your doctor will provide you with a prescription.


Finally, after you have gained approval for the painkillers, your doctor will give you the prescription that you need. The prescription itself will outline all of the important information about the drug. For instance, if you are receiving oxycodone, you’ll have material on how much of a dosage you need to take in a certain timeframe.

The prescription will typically be for one bottle and in order to get a refill, you’ll need to speak to your doctor again so that he or she can assess the situation and determine whether to continue the treatment. If it is found that you don’t need any more painkillers, your doctor will begin helping you manage your pain by finding other solutions that can help you get relief. At this stage, your pain should not be as severe as it was initially.

Overall, following procedure may not be as easy, but it can help ensure that you’re taking pain pills in a safe and healthy manner. You should never compromise your health when you don’t need to.